Author's Eclectic Abode

A soulful, weathered-tin violin player offers a warm welcome to this beach retreat. Rustic wooden gates, capped by a profusion of vibrant fuschia bougainvillea, screen the sculpture-accented entry garden.

Expanded windows and sliders maximize the dramatic beauty of the coastline, curving towards Inspiration Point. 

The creative, ethnic decorating style focuses on artifacts and artwork collected from indigenous peoples across the world, including Bali, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea. The diverse art features furniture, carvings, shields, ritual clothing, ceramics, beaded materials, paintings, and more. 

Handsome cabinetry, specialty appliances, and the scenic view highlight the full kitchen remodel. Bathrooms display handcrafted, gunmetal fixtures, custom-finished metal counters, and built-in niches for art objects. Antique wooden doors, from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, grace bedrooms and baths.

Despite its move, piece by piece, after the 1956 landslide that destroyed the original Portuguese Bend clubhouse, the house has thrived and wears its history with panache.