Contemplative Contemporary

Renovating this 1950s Lunada Bay residence, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms within its 3,400 sq. ft., was an 18-month project. The result is a livable, contemporary home that cohesively unifies indoor and outdoor space and remains true to its midcentury modern roots.

Form and balance are everything, according to the owner, a landscape architect and artist. And, indeed, the eye moves easily through the home’s open, uncluttered spaces, falling on one treasure after another, each precisely placed for maximum impact.

The walls showcase a lifetime collection of figurative, narrative art. Primarily of Hispanic origin and gathered during the homeowners’ years in New Mexico, the collection is also sprinkled with the husband’s own ceramic sculptures and works reflecting world travels.

The peaceful, contemplative Japanese-inspired sculpture garden includes a heated pavilion, terraced planters, majestic old trees, rocks, basalt tiles and wood decking that create multiple niches for art and conversation.